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Employee spy software is key logger tool which logs every activity of the monitored computer from single mouse click to the shutdown of the computer. Software helps you to scout your employees in real time without any hindrances. Helpful for companies and organizations who need to secure their confidential data from getting leaked out. The software helps you to keep an observatory eye on computer and Internet activities of every employee.

Key features of employee spy software are:

Best Spy solution to monitor and increase work efficiency:

It is best spy software in market, which tracks employees' activities and lead to increased work efficiency and productivity. Monitoring of employees' activities enforces them not to misuse the company resources.

Tracks and Records Every Activity

Employee spy software tracks and records every employee activity of his desktop. Computer surveillance software which supports remote desktop monitoring is easy to use and can be installed in a domain or non-domain based network, where computers have administrative rights.

Create Offline Logs

The most helpful feature of the software is it helps to create offline logs for a monitored computer, when you or a network administrator is not present to monitor employee activities. Define settings to create offline logs (keyboard, desktop, FTP, Websites, Processes, applications) and you can view the missed out activities of the employee. This feature also helps to create proof of evidence if required in any legal case.

Network Spy

It is the perfect network spy software, which works efficiently in a domain or non-domain based network. Every computer connected to each other with a server or non-domain based process can be monitored easily. Every computer in network should have administrative rights for excellent performance with monitoring of 'n' number of employees computers.

Keystroke Spy

Keystroke spy is a feature, which works as a key logger for a computer. Log and save typed keystrokes by the user. View which key was pressed and in which application. Employee spy software displays every pressed key from alphabets, numbers, alpha-numerals, and the function keys like Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Delete, Backspace, Enter, Caps Lock, etc. Details of typed keystrokes can be saved to text file format to your disk.

Desktop Spy

Desktop spy is a measure to know what is happening on user's desktop. It helps to know every user desktop activity from a single mouse click to access any program through Windows start menu. Software saves the desktop activities in JPEG file format to your disk.

Application Monitoring

Application monitoring feature helps to know about opened / closed applications on user's desktop. It displays name of the application with time and date of its launch and functions performed in the application.

Website Spy Monitor

Performing website spy helps to know details of websites visited by the employee. HTTP details with date and time are displayed by the employee spy software. You can easily monitor and know most accessed websites by the monitored employee.

SPY FTP Activities

Spy FTP activities of webmasters, web developers, and secure your websites from viruses and employee sabotages. FTP spy helps to know details of every file uploaded or downloaded using FTP protocol by the employee. Employee spy software displays complete FTP detail that is name of the downloaded / uploaded file with date and time stamps. Login user name and passwords with change in directory within the FTP gets listed with other details.

View Computer Running Processes

As Windows task manager displays current system process, employee spy software also displays process name, process path with date and time stamps. Helpful for network administrators who can know name of the exe running in employee computer and prevent cases of virus attacks from its beginning.

Control Monitored Computer

Control monitored computer(s) from the server computer. Remotely open or close any application on monitored computer and execute commands like shut down, restart, lock the monitored computer, etc.

Employee spy software completes the requirement of monitoring solution required to be implemented at office, home, or any other place where security and confidentiality is on high priority.

Download free to try version of the employee spy software which gives you the experience of undisturbed monitoring up to seven days for one computer in the network. Test and know complete features of the software and purchase full version to implement spy monitoring solution at your place.