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Illegal internet activities sometimes create such situations which lead to financial loss, loss to identity (organizational or personal), and transfer of important and confidential data via emails and chat messengers. These activities need to be controlled for personal and organizational security.

Internet activities need to be monitored for employees, children and even spouse which can result into personal, financial abuses. Children need to be monitored so that they do not get in touch with strangers, spouse for cheating and employees for security of confidential data.

Internet spy software helps you in every term of internet spy software. You can track every internet activity and control any mis-happening. Employee spy software helps to log and save typed keystrokes, view desktop activities, capture screen shots, view online activities, view details of visited websites, View FTP transfers, view programs accessed by the users with complete functions performed.

You can easily get details of user names, passwords, typed words, opened sites with employee spy software. Whereas computer spy software helps to view activities going on a user desktop. Every window opened on desktop will be displayed remotely in the spy software. Perform remote spy through two excellent Internet spy software: computer spy software and employee spy software.

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View Remote Network Desktop Activities Employee Monitoring Solution for your employees...........Know Everything They Do.


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