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Computer spy software works as your secret agent, which helps you to monitor computer activities of any user in a LAN. View and record desktop activities, details of visited websites, typed on-screen keystrokes, mouse click activities, file downloads, and applications installed or uninstalled using the computer spy software. In addition, you can create instant recordings, slide shows and movies, broadcast messages over network, view chat conversations, sent / received emails, and control the monitored computer by locking and closing it with command execution from your computer. This means the computer spy is a tool to view complete desktop activities of a user.

This remote surveillance software helps you in every sense of monitoring. You can rely on the software for your investigative matters and concerns related to computer and internet activities of your employees, children, and spouse. Useful at home, organization, office, internet cafeterias, tool helps you to monitor and control suspicious activities of any individual.

Key features of Computer Spy software are:

Invisible Monitoring

Computer spy software runs in the background in the monitored computers; therefore, helps you to view every activity of the users' desktop remotely from your computer. Users never come to know about the monitoring process until they are notified personally or through notification. Install the software and its agent and perform invisible monitoring of 'n' number of computers in LAN.

Desktop Monitoring

The software monitors every desktop activity of the users where the agent of the software is installed. The best thing about the computer spy software is none of the user will know about the monitoring process due to which they will continue working in their usual manner. You can view the desktop activities live and can catch the users right-handed if found anything offensive.

Capture Screen shots

Computer spy software helps you to capture screen shots of the monitored computer desktop. The captured screen shots can be viewed in the image like format.

Create Recordings

Scheduled and instant recording feature of the software helps to create recordings of the user desktop activities.

  • Instant recording helps to start the recording process from the immediate effect that is as you see some wrong activity going on the monitored computer; click the "Instant Recording" option by right clicking the computer thumbnail from computer pane of the software. Spy Software will start recording the user's desktop activities from immediate effect of executing the command.
  • Scheduled recordings help to schedule a recording for user at any specific time period in a day, week, or hour. You can define scheduled recording settings in the software for a day, week (day of the week with time), or hour (by specifying hour durations). Define time duration for recording and saving place of the recording and then you can relax to have complete details about network desktop activities. Important to know: The server computer where Computer Spy software setup is installed should be in working condition that is it should not be closed.
Create Movie or a Slide Show

You can easily create movie of the monitored activities. Computer spy tool enables you to save the viewable screen shots on your hard drive which later on can be saved and converted to an .avi movie file. Movie will be created as per the recording duration set by you and will display every captured screen shot.

Send Messages

Send message to one or broadcast it to every computer, which comes under monitoring process in one mouse click. User will receive a message coming from system tray of his computer, which will display the message sent by you. Concluding the computer spy software, it is a perfect spying solution to keep an eye on your children, employee, spouse, and buddies computers and Internet activities. Useful at companies, home, Internet cafeterias, and other places where you need to monitor user activities.