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Monitoring of your employees may not seem to be an appropriate way to find out things happening at your work place. But then what is the other way round. It's your company and you have the right to know what's going on and have complete security for your confidential data. But your employees too have a right to privacy--or they do not?

Several discussions have been carried out on the privacy rights of employees and monitoring authority of employers. Such discussions always raise the question of what an employer should do to stop personal, illegal activities and increase productivity at work place and what benefits are permitted to an employee at his work place.

Employees' right to privacy in the workplace is very limited. In general, you have an established right to monitor employee telephone calls, computer content, voice mail and e-mails. Companies employ restrictions like proxy servers, firewall's to avoid situations like e--mail, chat conversations, transfer of confidential data which can lead to financial and image loss to the company.

Human supervisory methods are employed to stop acts of confidential data and information transfer through emails, chat conversations, FTP protocols, network transfers, and USB drives. But human measures also fail due to absenteeism of supervisors or it is not possible to supervise large number of employees at a time.

It becomes the need of the employers to supervise their employees so as to maintain employee efficiency. Efficiency reduces due to misuse of work hours by employees on tasks not related to their work. Harassment and discrimination conducted by the use of technology, security of confidential information and the leak of news and upcoming events among competitors occur due to insufficient protective measures adopted by any company.

To trace out such leak outs, employers have begun to believe on employee spy software, network spy software & remote spy software to avoid illegal internet activities. As a result, more employers are monitoring employees' activities, and technology has made monitoring of employees easier and meaningful for the organization.

If you intend to monitor employees' phone calls, e-mails, websites visited, you should develop a policy on monitoring before you implement it so that  employees  know and understand the policy and the procedures you will follow-as well as the reasons behind them-when it comes to monitoring their workplace conduct and communication.

"Employees also need to be made aware of the purpose for monitoring," For example, are you monitoring to improve customer service or for security purposes? Workers who understand the reason for monitoring are more likely to accept it without feeling that their rights are being violated.

" Network spy software is a spy software to keep track and record activities of your employees in real time. You can easily know what your employees are doing over network. Their network computer access, time and duration of access can be monitored easily with network spy software."

Employees will not waste their time in accessing personal e-mails, viewing porn sites, games sites when they come to know that they are being monitored and work effectively and efficiently which helps in improving productivity of the organization.

Network spy software features:

  • Log keystrokes.
  • Capture desktop activities.
  • View network activities of employees with window monitor feature: opened window, switched window, current window in access by the user.
  • View current system process, window activities.
  • View visited websites with time and duration of visit.
  • View FTP protocol transfers.
  • Creates offline logs when supervisor is absent to monitor.
  • Creates off-line logs for the websites visited, typed  keystrokes, files uploaded and downloaded through file transfer protocol, application opened/closed, System process running so that you can view them later on when ever you are free.
  • Promotes invisible monitoring.

Free to try evaluation version of the network spy software lets you monitor entire activities of one employee for three days. Network spy software is beneficial when your data is important to you.

Network Spy
Software Features
• Network Security Monitoring
• Network Monitoring
• Remote Network Monitoring
• Records Network Activities
• Capture Screen shots
• Monitor Network Activity
• Monitor Remote Network