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Ever dreamt of a software tool which tracks activities of a PC? How useful it would be to know what your employees or students do when they are supposed to work or study?

Ever lost money and/or confidential information, or face lacked control over your employees’ online activities as employees are the main source in providing confidential information to competitors.

PC Spy software can help you in such situations; it will monitor everything and make you aware of everything. Today PC spy software is employed in almost every organization to maintain company’s productivity and reputation. You can install in your office, home easily without having any technical skills. PC Spy software consists of server and client parts. PC spy software server can be installed on any computer in the entire LAN which is used to monitor. Agent is a client program that is installed on all computers on the network which you want to monitor. It can be installed even remotely or manually.

PC Spy software is perfect for revealing the truth about what your employees’ child and spouse do online when you are away. It is beneficial for concerned parents, business oriented employers etc.

Benefits of PC Spy Software:

  • Eliminate personal use of internet, email, IM and social networks at work.
  • Prevent viewing of inappropriate content and sites by employees at work.
  • Stop employees wasting work time on computer games.
  • Keep records of your company’s electronic communications.
  • Protect your company from suffering fraudulent activities

Screen shot capturing, desktop monitoring, creating instant and scheduled recordings, broadcasting messages over network are key features of PC Spy software.

PC spy software helps you to monitor everything which happens in LAN and let you control every activity. Why not try the free trial version of 03 days and monitor activities of 1 computer system to know effectiveness and working of the PC Spy software.


PC Spy Software Features
• Network Security Monitoring
• Network Monitoring
• Remote Network Monitoring
• Records Network Activities