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Remote spy software helps you to remotely monitor computer activities of users in LAN. Remote Spy software helps you to manage and control every activity which happens at workplace.

Consider a company which has employed huge strength of professional’s and is going into loss. The reason could be anything; to know about the percentage decrease in profits company employs remote spy software which monitors activities of the employees in real time. Employees may be indulged in personal activities like email checks, online chatting, send/receiving entertainment emails, online shopping etc.

Employees spend major part of their day in office and feel they have complete right to spend 20 to 30 minutes for their personal web access. To some extent they are right but when these surfing hours get converted into security breach, it raises the alarms. There are many reasons due to which employers implement remote spy software tool to spy activities and trace on going things.

According to vault.com survey:

  • 56.5% of employees feel that surfing the net or sending non-work-related e-mails decreases productivity and 31% of employers said that they restrict employee internet/e-mail usage.
  • 70% of all internet porn traffic occurs during the nine-to-five in a day.
  • 31.2% of employees feel it is appropriate to surf non-work-related sites up to 30 minutes a day, 14.8% said up to one hour is appropriate, and 9% said over an hour.
  • 26.6% of employers feel it is appropriate for employees to surf non-work-related sites up to 30 minutes, 8.6% said up to one hour and 4.2 % said over an over.
  • In 2001, 60.7% of employees surveyed said they visit web sites or surf for personal use at work which was 50.7% in 2000.

Figure(s) are increasing rapidly and need to be controlled. Internet abuse, transfer of confidential data, wasting working hours over internet lead to financial and imagery loss to companies. Such activities should be controlled and a security thread should be placed to stop such activities.

Remote spy software is one such software that will help you to manage and control internet activities. This software quickly detects and gives you the evidence you need to prove that your employees are abusing business work time.

What your employees are doing in their work hours? You can easily get answer with remote spy software. Any computer in the network can be spied remotely. No need to go to each and every employee’s desk and check whether is he/she is doing official work or non- official work.

With remote spy software, you can create recordings or set the recording time to capture desktop activities so that you can view them later on. It creates movie of entire desktop activities in .jpg file format, which can be later used for the deeper analysis and advanced report generation.

Remote spy software has proved its excellent efficiency in increasing the overall productivity of the organization where it is used to track the local networks.


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